Hope and Joy – Michael Jackson

Hope and a joy are varied feelings. They prove that there is never a time to bow down and there is never time to be upset. They prove that if you counter these things you get a warm feeling inside you, and that warm feeling is joy.

Michael Jackson show these qualities in many ways. Michael Jackson was a young pop artist who grew up to be one of the most well known men in history. His couple of songs really reflect on humanity today. Black or White and Heal the World. These songs represent equal rights and equal opportunities to live a quality warm life. He didn’t cure cancer, he didn’t fix poverty he just made the world aware of some really major issues. These issues motivate you to always keep trying and to never be weighed down by little things because well that is just silly. Everyone deserves to raised in a world where they know that they always have the same chance of doing something then the next person. It was these little things he did that made him an inspiration to all of mankind.image

Story – Space Competition

`The cold was crisp on my bare hands. It’s deep Winter and it’s really taking its toll. It burns with guilt that I’m doing this but times are tough.. The way the stockmarket has collapsed broke all of us to the nub or survival.

It started in mid 2039. Global Warming changed everything. The sea levels rose so dramatically. All low altitude cities were gone in a month leaving entire countries in despair The worst thing was that U.S.A took every little piece of land on the planet forcing everyone to lived jammed inside the U.S and constantly worried that things will get worse than they already are. As you can imagine the is one word constantly jammed into every one of ours heads. Space. Oh man how I would kill for a little privacy around here. Well here I am now. Working for the new world order, my job is to scavenge the abounded countries and look for any item of any context. Obviously I’m not doing a good job just writing things down like in a girly diary. While on my way back from looting Australia though something made me stop right in my tracks. A deal. Now this was an old woman probably the last person in Australia who just managed to survive out of the blue. The old hag told me that if I somehow break the U.S defence system the money flow will work again. Pretty much if the U.S fails we are all saved really. It is a really stupid deal but.. Family goes first..

Well now here I am. I managed to break into the Aptitude Camps pretty easy, that’s no accomplishment. The easiest way into the parliament building is the garbage shoot I figured. With a permit it’s an easy get in. I do a steady climb into the shoot and start my short trek. It’s a steep climb but it’s seriously the easiest way in. I hear footsteps roughly 300 meters down the nearest hallway, it makes things that much easier with a meeting occurring.  After roughly 20 minutes of ducking, stopping and an interrupted mess of crawling I came to a conclusion that it’s finally safe to go to the hallway. A quick gallop later and I’m in the main hallway. A few hundred steps and Im there. Only now am I starting to feel real guilt, I have all sorts of pain pounding my temples and a brainsplitting headache of all these negative thoughts swelling up my brain. The phrase is going over and over it’s not too late, it’s not too late. It was a clean sweep to my destination. No people. No injuries. Just get in and get out. I slowly walk into the Protection Access room, empty surprisingly. For my part I simply go into the room and disable the control centre which is exactly what I’m doing now. Typing away on this machine somethings fishy.. In fact the whole mission has been off. In a way they are giving me the go ahead. My fingers slowly, cautiously tapping on the keyboard. It has all played like in a movie the control centre was sent to some kind of destruction mode which is really fine by me yet still no one around. Typing these final commands something stopped me cold. A person. I hear very loud footsteps coming my way so I have to use my instinct and hide into the The desk drop in. Feet planted in face sending a chill down my spine, the footsteps start to walk out but then I remember something. The destruction panel. By the rate of this mans steps he or I ain’t going to make it. I can either get arrested or be a killer. I step out no sprint out and shove the guard away to run. Screaming at him at the same time. I couldn’t tell any expression from his deep black visor but I could hear curses being pelted towards me. Too stunned to mover the man jolts back up and slams his palm into my face slamming me hard on the cold grey ground. My eyesight is very blurry but I can just make out the guard standing directly i front of me. I try to signal him to leave but it’s too late. BAM.


Sometimes you gotta force yourself to do somethings. Sometimes it isn’t even you controlling yourself. But whatever it it takes to do things can sometimes be too much. Sorry family, father isn’t coming home tonight instead he is broken in an endless coma. The place is better than life in the U.S but there is one major problem. There is just too much of something… Something you can either love or hate.



We now have a deadline.. The United Nations have spread to the world that we all have 60 days to get Ebola under control or we get a fate of an “unprecedented situation for which we don’t have a plan”. A recent report by the World Health Organisation claims the deadly virus “is runner faster than us and is winning the race”. At the moment it has stormed through West Africa and has started making surprise visits globally.

It is the first arrival of help from UN regarding a health crisis because they are warning a large proportion of our population will die. The warning is bought because the recorded cases of Ebola have reached a concerning 9000 as the virus is killing over half of its hosts. The World Health Organisation warns us that West Africa could face up 10000 new cases per week in two months if the virus isnt properly contained. At the moment we are greeted with roughly 1000 cases a week which is already bad enough.

Australians Prime Minister Tony Abbott has decided not to send Australian health workers to West Africa but instead has donated $18 million towards Ebola so they can create appropriate gear to fight the virus. Currently there is more than $1.3 billion dollars stocked in the Ebola category to ensure a safe continent and planet.


I believe in this issue because it is a serious problem and altogether the world depends on it really. I also chose this because it involves working in one massive team to beat the virus where if we all broke away and tried to fix the pandemic ourselves it would be a waste of money, time and hope. Families should know about this issue and if they already know it they should read these articles to help reassure themselves and kids.

Mission Day – Haunted House

Mission Day was yesterday on the 15th. It is all about setting up stalls ranging from food to games all to gather money for Reach Vietnam. The year 5/6’s set up and organise the stalls while all the younger grades enjoy our entertainment for a good cause.

Buisness wise it was huge success with our group (The Haunted House) reusing a large margin of our materials yet keeping the quality  appropriate so we could raise a lot of money. Which we did. Altogether it was very evenly laid out with no family buying everything yet no family buying nothing which really made things a lot easier for when we actually needed to buy things. Overall we raised well over $200 enabling the young children from Vietnam to purchase new facilities and enjoy a steady school life. We priced entry for $1 making it easy for kids to enter aswell as buying other things and it also helped for kids not taing advantage of the cheap price..


from im our history of the Haunted House it kept getting better and better making us motivated to deliver up to the hype and not let the tradition fall flat. We decided to get a theme to structure things out a bit so you could really get the idea of where and when you are which we chose to do because that’s where we decided that the previous Manors could have improved on. Our main goal was to give everyone a good spook and let them have something to live up to. It was our hope that people look up to this Haunted House and we sure hope that people thought that way. All the time and effort into it really showed how we wanted this to work. As a member of the 2014 Haunted House I can happily look down on this service with great triumph.


I learned a lot from of skills from this expeirience which ai think I could really show in the future. I learned how to work cooperatively with the opposite gender, how to deal with anxious croids, how to work at a strict time restriction etc etc. It was really a learning experience for all of us and we can identify our mistakes now and look back at them in the future and see how we have improved. In the schooling part of it I found it surprisingly fun and has probably the best event of the year! it was overall a nice experience spooking a number of people then have a quick look around to see all the stalls and bring back good memories.

Mistake wise there was quiet a lot to learn. We had a few planning hiccups and some overall design was poor. We had to learn on the spot how to deal with these problems and it was really challenging at times. Sometimes we even had to shut down the store for a few minutes.

As a day it was great and I really learned a lot from the day. It was all a learning experience and I hope you all enjoyed it. 🙂

Text Analysis

Text: The Island


Text to Text
I found these stories very similar yet very different. It kind of shows good and bad without really putting it out there. It also really demonstrates how important family and friends can be. Wang Wong even though he was successful he still needed that touch of personal life or that drop of love. In the Island he has now obviously now accepted that his family aren’t coming back so he is trapped in this depression. Even though these stories aren’t very similar they show how important friendship and family life is. Or else it you end up like the young man in the island.. I think that in the island it really shows how you would want to treat someone nicely because if they have problems behind closed doors it really stacks the stress which can lead to a terrible fate.. In The Young Peasant I really like how it shows there is always hope instead of saying give up on everything. I’m not saying that the island says that I just find that the more bright tone inspires a lot more if that’s what they were aiming to do. It really shows to follow in Gods way because as I said before, they is no need for abuse or bullying to begin with and if they have already got things going on it can really upset someone! From this experience I have had reading about this topic and information it has inspired me to be an all round better person and to not judge anyone by their skin, religion or anything really! As I have said in all my last texts I myself will lift up to this problem and I will dedicate my time for making people feel pleased and welcome other than sad and miserable. Let’s just hope this gets fixed..

Text to World
I think this story relates to the world because there is a civil war going on between Iraq and Israel. As there is in every war there will be a lot of refugees and a lot of scared and helpless people. Now, we had to watch a little campaign about racist jokes and taunts and it really gave a few people a slap in the face seeing how people feel when they are getting targeted for just being who they are for no reason. A lot of these people are probably very nice people and they don’t deserve to have things said about them just because there skin is different to someone else’s. Think about of it this way, the a aboriginal people lived here, then the white people invited their turf and set out civilisation in a place that wasn’t theirs. Now they haven’t started a war or done anything bad really yet we seem to almost make fun of them just because their innocent lifestyle was taken over? The Island really shows people need to be open about who is in their life because everyone is different! I cant name one person who is the same as another and its silly how people abuse and joke about people just because they are ‘different’. As I said before, isn’t everyone different..? The Island shows how tough it can really get which I like because we all deserve to know what these people must go through and must live with. It saddens me to know that this problem is really true and with all these new refugees coming in imagine how they must feel. Instead of moving to a safe happy place they would have to live in a racist, abusive place..

Text to Self
I found this story very racist and relevant to social life today. Whether online or in person people with a different race or religion are being treated horrifically. Now since I have gone into this topic i have set a goal for myself to treat everyone the same no matter what they believe in or what they look like. It makes me feel upset that this is actually a real problem here. The story acts as a massive metaphor of how the islander feels and I feel upset that real humans are feeling this way. It makes me feel annoyed that people actually feel this way and I hope people who are targeted don’t feel threatened to approach me because I am happy to help. As said a few times before it actually really shows how abusing a person can be really bad because on the outside it may look like they are fine but on the inside they could be depressed or anxious. I really hope no one in this school is feeling this way because they don’t deserve to and we all try to treat everyone with respect. Jokes and things are ok but with everything there is a line and racist jokes and religious jokes are just too far. I thought a joke was a harmless phrase for a few laughs? The story itself is really smart and it makes people aware on what actually happens and how people actually feel when they are targeted. It has helped me realise how defenceless people feel and how bad they must feel if they are targeted. Now getting targeted because of race and religion is the worse of all because they are being bullied because of who they are. Everyone has a right to be a person so why should they suffer? I’m Catholic but I treat people who don’t believe in God differently? And when you think about, what difference does it make if someone has darker skin. What difference does it make if someone goes church? It really silly why these people are getting bullied…

I will add my other two when I get the time in the future.

My Story, Our Story


We were required to find our story, our family origin. I decided re tell the story of my Opa and Oma instead of doing my family tree. Its a pretty long one so here we go!

In the 1940s my Opa was working at a tulip farm when World War 2 broke out. He was working at the tulip farm when the German army invaded the Netherlands. Soon enough they reached the suburb where he was living at. They captured the people and forced them to work for them. He was sent by train to Germany and was forced to work for the next 5 years until they fell in the war. Opa wasn’t treated equally and everyone not German was treated like an animal. The days were long and hard but once the Germans surrendered he fled to the Netherlands. He went back to his home town only to find the area completely changed. The money was tough, houses were in horrible shape and everyone was just so shaken for the war. Luckily the tulip industry was still in good enough shape to continue so he worked hard there. Over there he found his future wife Oma just a few doors down from him but that story is after this other sad one..


In the 1940s Oma was a trainee teacher in Indonesia when the war broke out. The Japanese and Germans raided Asia and Europe. The Japanese made their way to Oma’s area and too soon the Japanese came to their town and made the men workers and the women as prisoners. They went to her house and tore the area apart to search for weapons. Oma’s dad had weapons and stashed them away, when the Japanese were inspecting they found their stash of alcohol and cigars and left satisfied with their loot. That night the family dumped all the weapons they owned into the river to spare their lives and possessions. A long hard time had passed and most of their town was in a town camp to bunker until the war died out. After the dreadfully long war finished she flew to the Netherlands to escape her dark past in Indonesia. Staying there for a while a few doors back there was her future husband Opa.

Once Oma and Opa got together and earned enough money they moved to Australia legally by boat for new work possibilities and a new life altogether. Australia at the time was one of the fortunate places to not receive full time horror for 5 years. Things in Australia went really great and Netherlands and Indonesia were slowly rebuilding. After all of that I suppose the two literally lived happily ever after…

Snapshot writing

We had to do snapshot writing and here are mine.

1: Comic-Con

The gathering was loud with laughter as raw and new from the cheers from a grand final. The convention had the rich smell of latex and rubber, the same smell of a new car sellout. It looked like a massive Halloween part with props and costumes. Jack and I enjoyed the cosplay as it gave as sweet childhood memories. The smiles on everyone was unnaturally healthy and made me feel like I was at home.

2: Basketball championships

The stadium was packed with eager and hungry fans for the sweet look of victory and cheers. Every score left a margin of peoples mouth gaped like a fish or smiling as bright as the sun. Every score erupted the volcano of cheers or claps. The siren sounded like a bomb being dropped or you were announced to have won the lottery. Win or loss everyone was talking about the scenes they just watched.

3: Making a brownie

The smooth creamy texture made me think like I was in heaven. The rich chocolate smell made me believe I was in a certain Roald Dahl book. The taste could make a million angels come down to Earth for more. While stirring I felt like I was rowing a boat in a chocolate river in a sweet world. While cooking I couldn’t resist to take it out but I knew it was the best for my sweet sugary sensation.

Metaphors and Similes

A metaphor is comparing the moment, sound, smell or touch to an action that has a similar tone to it. Examples are, its raining men , my broken heart and my life was a rollercoaster. A simile is comparing someone to an animal or object. Examples are cute as a kitten, sweating like a pig and busy as a bee.

Literacy- Creation Stories

:Please note that I was sick during the big talk about what your meant to do and it’s not on the blog so please excuse my errors!:

I chose the Hot Success Criteria so I need to find 4 points of view to a creation story! I am just going to write the 4 stories and then I will do the summary and differences in the end of the post. Here goes:

1. Catholicism

In the beginning God created it all in 7 days.. Day 1. God said “Let there be light!’ So he could see. He called the light Day and the darkness Night. Day 2.  God said “Let there be sky, land and seas! Day 3. God said “Let the land produce trees and plants!” Day 4.  God said “Let there be the sun for day and the moon and stars for night!” Day 5. God said “Let the water fill with creatures and the air fill with birds!” Day 6. God said “Let the land fill with creatures!” God saw his work and he was very proud. Day 7. God blessed the 7th day and rested for his proud work.

2. Zulu

Before anything there was only darkness and a very large seed. The seed sank into the Earth firmly. Long reeds sprouted out of the seed. Uthlanga was the name of the reeds which means source of everything. Steadily one reed grew into a man. Unkulunkulu was the name of him he was later known as the creator of everything. The larger the man grew the heavier he became. Finally Unkulunkulu was fully grown and he broke from the reed. As he was investigating the Earth he saw other men and women falling from reeds. He pulled of creatures and cattle. He created lakes, mountains, hills and streams. Then he made weather and the sun and the moon.  Unkulunkulu created everything we see and use today. He taught the other humans how to live. He named everything. Once his work was done he set a chameleon to send the message so his people that he will never die.  The chameleon was doing his mission slowly, very slowly.  After several days Unkulunkulu became inpatient and angry so he sent a message by a speedy chameleon saying that the people will die. Shortly the chameleon makes it way to village and sure enough death came to them.

3. Egyptian

Before everything there was a dark swirl of chaos called Nu. Atum rose out of the waters creating himself from sheer force and will. He created a hill to stand on. It was lonely in the world. It was genderless and had one eye that could through the whole universe. He joined with his shadow and made a son and a daughter. He spit out his daughter Tefnut the goddess of moisture and mist. Next he spat his son Shu the God of air.  Atum gave them the task of making a world with law, order and stability. They divided the chaos into light and darkness. They called the order Maat, He created the principles of life and he was a beautiful white feather. Shu and Tefnut made Geb the Earth and Nut the Sky. At first they were fused into one but then Shu pushed them apart making Nut arched over Geb. They were made to be together but Maat separated them so they can make the most out of their abilities.  Nut made rain and Geb made plants to grow. As the God of sky Nut gave birth to the sun after dawn everyday and then delivering it again after it’s daily death at sunset. Shu and Tefnut made the other gods. Isis the queen of the gods, Hathor, the god of love and beauty. And more such as Osiris the god of wisdom and justice And Seth the god of evil. Lastly Thror the king of wisdom and Nephthys the protector of the dead. Sadly the chaos was not fully divided yet into Maat’s judgement and Shu and Tefnut were lost into the deep dark waters of Nu. Atum panicked and sent his all seeing eye to find the pair. When they returned safely Atum was so happy and relived he cried tears of joy which shaped into men. These men were to live in the order of Maat. The gods protected the men for to create a new world…

4. Navajo

Before the world we had today we had First World, a world of nothing but darkness and emptiness. The only sprouts of life were 6 beings. They beings were First Man, First Woman, Coyote, Women of Salt, Fire God and the child of the son Begochiddy. Begochiddy created four mountains in the face of the directions, White for East, Black for North, Blue in the South and Yellow for west. But there was still no light and life and the First Beings left due to boredom and put all of their creations into a hollow reed which would grow in height. The reed grew to a second world which was vast and blue. The only inhabitants were “Cat People” who didn’t accept visitors. They fought in a long war and after too long the First Being took their creations and grew the reed to the Third World which was stunningly beautiful and full of endless light. The first people quickly set their camps there and populated the world. Begochiddy created natural marks and hills such as lakes, mountains, caves and creatures like birds and horses. They were living in harmony. One morning Coyote was walking when he found a baby, the son of the Water Monster from the third world. He quietly hid the baby under his blanket and walked away. When the Water Monster couldn’t find his baby he was enraged and sent rain down all over the third world. The First Being retreated to the reed and forced Coyote to give back the baby but the world was already flooded and they were floating to the Fourth World. The world was not as beautiful and light as the third but they had to made-do. Begochiddy created the stars, moon and sky and they all had many children. This place was then announced as the world of the Navajos.


Overall I thought they were all very similar. They all had one God or a few that created everything except the Zulu that I found very interesting. All of the stories were about change and I actually think that they reflect on day to day life. One thing I found interesting is that they all had a different approach on a complete world. The Genesis Story was about a lively bright and busy world when Zulu was about a world about survival and population. The Egyption Story was massively about the purpose of life instead of the physical gifts of life. From the four stories I saw the world wasn’t made by a natural event just a group of Gods that made everything. They all were really good stories and I think they all had the same realism making them not compete with each other.

Individual Summary

1. Genesis Story.

I really like how this story isn’t perfect. He didn’t create a world with law and order and a world with task and meaning he just made the base of the world and let the creatures develop the world. I think it really shows how smart God is and that he trusted us to shape this world. He could have worried that we would fail and make every little detail himself.

2. Zulu

I really liked this story because of the curiosity. Unkulunkulu was just thrown into this world and he made the choice to lead this new area by his own will. I also like that everything was made from a natural source, it really proves that nature is boss and nature is as powerful and responsible for this world as any human being. Obviously I’m bias with the Genesis story because I am catholic but I would believe this story if I wasn’t.

3. Egyption

I enjoyed this story because it was about making the world the counts. How Maat separated the two gods to make their powers work was really smart. I think it is a sign of sacrifice and even loyalty. I also like that these gods made change instead of floating around in darkness afraid to do anything different. However I did not like that humans were an accident and that they were happy with living a lonely life for ever.

4. Navajo

Unfortunately this story is my least favourite. The fact that the First Beings had to find the perfect world and that they were involved in bar bugs me. I do like however that multiple gods made everything not one overpowering god. Again I like that nature acts as a saviour in this story. I would have to say also they were very strong to be able to have to find a new place as their old one was flooded.

The site I used was The Myth and all the stories are in my own words.